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With an array of decking profiles and color options, you can customize the outdoor living space to meet your needs. You can mix and match colors to create unique designs. It is simple to install and maintain......


With an array of railing color options, style and shape, you can complement your deck to create truly unique designs for your needs. CheerWood Railing is flexible and easy to install.



CheerWood Fencing is built to withstand harsh weather with attractive look. It is durable, long lasting and requires no painting or staining. You can enjoy fencing with minimal maintenance. It saves you money in long run due to low maintenance costs.


CheerWood Bench offers 3 colors choices for the slats including beige, gray, or red. There are 3 colors choices for the base which include green, gray, or black.


CheerWood Pavilion creates an attractive focal point for your outdoor space. It enables you to enjoy the fresh air with easy access to indoor conveniences with relaxation and enjoyment.


CheerWood Quick Deck is a complete Do It Yourself (DIY) paving method for turning your better outdoor living dream into reality. You can create a soothing outdoor retreat by paving CheerWood Quick Deck in balcony. You can enjoy CheerWood decking benefits without the difficulties of using conventional installation methods......


CheerWood Wall Cladding is an innovative, durable and long-lasting product. It is easy to cut and fasten. It comes with a film covering and sealed edge which make it easy and safety to install and retain its ideal and flawless finish.

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